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I just wanted to say, saw this in a supermarket, and thought I would try it because it is so hard to find something quick to eat which tastes good and doesn't involve loads of prep and cooking from scratch. Really pleased I did.  Thanks Amy's Kitchen!

Product Name: Mexican Tortilla Bake


Just to say I love your products and am really enjoying them. I have only had two soups, Mac and Cheese and the Enchiladas and they're great. Thank you so much for making gluten free, dairy free treats that I can eat. I am so grateful.  Thank you so much and keep up the great work.  You make my life easier!

-Rachel from Dublin, Ireland.

I just want to say how happy I am that I tried this product! I am training to be a body builder so my food intake is clean, my fridge recently  broke down so storing prepped food was a no no for a few weeks, therefore I had to find food I could freeze and prep fast that was natural. I came across the cheddar broccoli bake in sainsburys  and was unsure but when I read the ingredients I thought I would give it a go (although I honestly thought it would taste like cardboard!) Well i was shocked, it's the most delicious thing I  have ever tasted!!!! My 4 year old asked for a taste and instantly fell in love with it too!! Thank you so much for making such tasty food that is so good and natural grin

-Eve from Birmingham

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