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Just to say... Rice mac & cheese--this is soooo gorgeous!  I want to eat it every day!!!! I am a Coeliac and pasta dishes not always great, but this is yum.

x Thank you,

I just wanted to tell you your macaroni cheese is the best ever and after being a celiac for 6 years its hard to find tasty nice food and you meet that, so thank you. x x


We are usually hungry and poor students and have just finished your absolutely AMAZING mac and cheese and vegetable lasagne. We don't like to buy ready meals often as they are unhealthy but we couldn't resist your healthier option and will definitely buy them again! We are so satisfied and happy we just felt we had to thank you straight away.

Thank you for such delicious, healthy and easy food.

Ellie & Ellis

I just wanted to say thank you for bringing your products over to the UK. I follow a Gluten free diet and have done for 23 years. I just love your Gluten Free Burrito and I just wanted to say how nice it is so find something 'different' that is Gluten free. Most of the time companies won't make items like this because they cost too much or are too difficult because of the alternative ingredients needed. Whenever I find a product like this I always find myself 'bulk buying' in fear that sooner or later the product is discontinued. I do hope that we will see even more of your gluten free items in the future (rather than less). So just a big thank you!


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