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Hello Amys Kitchen,
I just wanted to send an email to let you know what life savers you
are! This year I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy and have been
grieving not having my favorite pasta dishes. I just discovered your
macaroni and cheese and I nearly cried in the frozen foods selection. I
miss this dish almost as much as I miss pizza and can not thank you
enough. I can not wait to discover more goodies from your gluten free

From Meagan

Dear Amy,
Thank you for a great product as my wife Sylvia has been under the
weather in the last few days and off he food. She said that she would
like some Tomato Soup so i went into Waitrose store here in the UK. You
see my wife suffers from Migraine headaches and one trigger point is
citric acid which many in fact most soups have in them but i was very
pleased to find that your Tomato soup did not have so i purchased some

and low and behold Sylviatotally enjoyed it so much so i have just arrived back from the store
with the last two tins that were on the shelf.

Today she feels so much better and i think that it is all down to your
great Tomato soup.

Thank you very much Amy


Ken and Sylvia. Torquay UK


I'm SO HAPPY to have discovered your products here in UK. I've tried every gluten-free ready made meal on the market, and they are all awful. So when I saw your new Rice Mac and Cheese, I was skeptical. But I bought one to try it. After trying it out, that same day I went back to the supermarket and bought another 6 boxes! It's awesome! BEST gluten free ready meal I've ever had!

I just wish you sold more products in the UK! I can only find the Rice Mac and Cheese and the Burrito. I haven't found the Lasagne yet anywhere, but I know it is supposed to be on sale here somewhere. I will keep looking!

Anyway, a BIG THANK YOU again for bringing your products to the UK, and I hope to see a lot more of them in the years to come!

Keep up the good work,

Today we had your Vegetable Pot Pies for lunch and honestly they were the best commercial vegetarian pies we have ever had. I wonder if some of your other pies along with your other products will come to England - I am sure they will be most welcome - I got them from Holland and Barrett.
Thanks once again - it was a delicious meal –

All good wishes

I just wanted to let you know that I have just enjoyed my first ever
bowl of your soups.  I tried the chunky tomato low fat variety and I have
to say it was so so delicious.  I live in the UK and did not realise that
your soup was imported from California.  The flavour was so strong and
satisfying that I looked on the can labelling and found out that it is
made in California.  I feel like I have just had one of the best soups
ever and a little bit of America sunshine without all the nasty

I look forward to many more soup lunches of Amys soup.  I just hope the
local store keeps stocked up with your soups for the future!!
Keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,

Dear Amy's,
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am originally from California and
have lived in England for almost eight years. My co-worker came in a few
weeks ago with one of your burritos and I think I scared her with my
squeals of joy! Since then I have been enjoying your lovely food and
feeling a bit like I'm back home. You just wouldn't believe how
comforting it is to have you over here. Thank you again and please send

From Katherine

I am writing to you from Lancashire UK, I have just tasted your soups
for the first time, they are truly flavoursome! particularly the lentil
& Veg.

I have been waiting a long time to experience convenience food of such

Thank you!

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